Vernes Causevicis

Architect and Researcher

Vernes Causevicis a Sarajevo-born British architect and researcher. Vernes founded projectvarchitecture in 2011, on being awarded the RSA’s Resourceful Architect runner up award for ‘Space for Exchange; A Sustainable Return to Srebrenica’, a self-initiated project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), with which he graduated from the Free-Unit at The Cass School of Architecture, London.

Since then projectvarchitecture continued to work on award winning architectural projects, competitions and research across B&H and the former Yugoslavia region. This includes winning the prestigious Collegium Artisticum GRAND PRIX prize for the Badel ‘Unblocked’ Block international competition masterplan in Zagreb with co-authors Filter Arhitektura in 2013 and 1st prize for the Kotor Bay Hotel competition in Montenegro in 2012 as collaborator of Urban Sense Consultant Architects. Since 2015 Vernes has been leading thestudios ongoing rammed earth Peace Centre project in Prijedor, B&H, for Bosnia-UK based charity Most Mira (Bridge of Peace), which was awarded the Collegium Artisticum B&H 2018 Architecture Award for Best Idea.

Alongside this Vernes gained several years of professional experience, working on all stages of the design and building process, at Zvi Hecker Architects, Berlin and London based Avanti Architects and Phelan Architects, before moving back to Sarajevo in 2016, where he co-founded projektvarhitektura Sarajevo together with Lucy Dinnen. They have since been focusing on developing their projects in B&H, including an ongoing architectural research project called ‘Living Memorials’, which is centred around mapping material evidence of the architecture of the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) and developing new forms of memorialisation and conservation to inform urban planning processes. This project was awarded the Collegium Artisticum B&H 2017 Architecture Award for Best Idea.

Vernes is an active member of the Association of Architects in B&H.