Wetherby Classroom

Karl Lenton, Seeds Education

Her Majesty’s Young Offenders Institution, Wetherby, UK
53.935284, -1.368502

Classrooms are ongoing

Website: seeds.company

Karl Lenton and Safe Solutions are embedding seeds of change within the Prison environment in the UK. The SEEDS Classroom will be working in Wetherby prison which supports young offenders from the ages of 15 to 18. The SEEDS Education Programme provides access to meaningful education and work in prison, alongside members of the public, and helps to develop social bonds and a new sense of self, therefore helping to reduce reoffending.

Incarceration in itself has a poor record for reducing reoffending and resistance to crime is a complex process spread over a long period of time. Structured routine activities with law-abiding peers, and human agency, enable subjective shifts in identity that happen at certain stages in life and contribute to understanding changes in offending patterns.

SEEDS arts and architecture Classroom is located in HMYOI Wetherby and offers prisoners and prison staff the opportunity to work collaboratively with students of architecture, to gain accreditation points that can be used in to pathways to further education or employment on lease. The SEEDS Classroom is designed and run by Karl Lenton, Seeds Education. Karl in a Free Unit alumnus.

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