Lesvos Classroom

Professor Robert Mull, Agora Charity

Lesvos, Greece
39.072332, 26.593669

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13-27 June 2020

designing and caring for vulnerable refugees in Lesvos, Greece
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The Lesvos Classroom is based in Pikpa Refugee Camp on the island of Lesvos. Pikpa Camp supports vulnerable refugees who have made and continue to make the dangerous crossing from Turkey. Typically, residents of Pikpa will need medical or psychological support and many will have suffered bereavement. The camp also takes referrals from the main camp Moria, which is over-crowed and suffering increasing levels of violence. Our work in Pikpa deals with providing physical infrastructure including agriculture, sewage and water management as well as the construction of civic buildings for education, counselling, celebrations, meetings, as well as collaboration and integration with local Greek schools and community groups.

The Pikpa Classroom is supported and managed by Agora, a charity formed by Mark Pearce, Robert Mull and Nel Hargrave dedicated to “making spaces for refugees to learn, play, create, integrate and heal”. The Global Free Unit offers places on specific workshops to design and build new facilities in the Pikpa Camp.

The Pikpa Classroom is organised in conjunction with the Agora Charity and is led by Professor Robert Mull.

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