Lesvos Classroom

Professor Robert Mull, Agora Charity

Lesvos, Greece
39.072332, 26.593669

19 June – 4 July 2020


This course in delivered online. Applications are open

Course Plan

The workshop has two halves. The first week is dedicated to understanding the context, drawing, model making, talking online with stakeholders and designing. We will also carry out online visits to other camps including the now infamous Moria camp and other NGO’s including the inspirational Hope Project.

The European Refugee Crisis – Designing, Building and Caring for Vulnerable Refugees in Lesvos

At the invitation of the NGO Lesvos Solidarity we will be working again with Pikpa Open Refugee Camp and in Moria Camp facilitated by The Office of Displaced Designers. Pikpa Camp supports vulnerable refugees with specific medical, psychological and family needs many of whom are referred from other camps in Lesvos including The Hope Project and Better Days for Moria. Facilitated by The Office of Displaced designers Students will work online with Lesvos solidarity, volunteers and residents to identify specific needs under four headings shelter, heating, cooling, water management. Students will design solutions and present and communicate their proposals to local stakeholders and refugees via online presentations and publications. There will be an emphasis on promoting and reinforcing the resident’s identity as well as utility. We will be joined online by colleagues who work in the Farm Camps that surround the Turkish city of Izmir as our aim is to develop strategies that can be applied not just in Lesvos but across the region.

Over the middle weekend we will have an online exchange with partners working in Izmir we will be supported by Yasar University, The Tribe Projects and Tiafi Community Centre. In Izmir Professor Robert Mull is leading a GCRF funded research project entitled Wellbeing, Housing and Infrastructure in Turkey.( WHIT). We will visit two sites that form part of the research project . The emergent Syrian district of Basmane and the farm camps in the area of Torbali where Syrian families are working as illegal farm labour following the UE/Turkey deal which prevented them from travelling on to Greece. There will also be the opportunity to visit the famous ruins at Ephesus.

The second week will be dedicated to designing and model making at all scales. There will be two formal presentations to our partners and local stakeholders. As well as designing we will determine procurement, funding, communication, social media and management strategies for the ongoing delivery and dissemination of our proposals.

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