Colombia Classroom

Xenia Adjoubei, Alejandro Haiek

4.671026, -74.019108

Starting September 2020

The Global Free Unit Classroom in Colombia will work to address the social isolation and lack of economic stability experienced by Venezuelan migrants living in Colombia, which leads to long-term social problems in society. Our tools for creating change are collective design, which involves the community, and creative, participatory construction. We will run a workshop, which will be a meeting place for locals and experts, to co-design and build a much needed de-polarised public space. We hope this will become a place of belonging and an important anchor for a community experiencing uncertainly and change.

We will use a careful and emergent process of working, we will define the scope of the project in close collaboration with our local partners. We use art and creativity to mediate traumatic lived experience and transform it into opportunity: for gaining new skills, education and collective purpose.
The design and construction process also seeks to learn and gain from local knowledge and low-tech approaches. We will build using cheap, readily available materials while maximising collective thinking and making. We aim to run the first workshop in September 2020 and that a new system of a social and cultural infrastructure for migrant communities will emerge over a period of several years.