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Thomas Randall-Page

Devon, UK
50.750000, -3.997449

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The Building Works Unit was formed by Thomas Randall-Page, Theo Molloy and Niklavs Paegle to teach through making full-size architecture with one’s own hands. The act of students building, plugs gaps and connects loose ends left in traditional University-based architectural education. This Classroom purports that the process of design is one of discovery through doing, as opposed to something that emerges in the mind of a sole author.

The Classroom builds 1:1 scale structures that are embedded in social and material contexts, often only becoming fully functional during an event. Underlying the unit’s development is a belief that building is a social act. The built structures seek to be rooted in the life of a place, to be functional and also provocative investigations into its culture.

The Classroom is based in rural Devon, in a wooded gorge on the north edge of the Dartmoor National Park. There is an emphasis on innovative use of locally sourced materials. Small groups of students are guided through a compressed design process, from research, fieldwork, debate and concept design, through to material experimentation, detailing, pre-fabrication and assembly on site. Innovative explorations of a limited materials palette is encouraged, developing new ways of using them through testing and prototyping.

The Building Works Unit is led by designer and maker Thomas Randall-Page, who is a Free Unit alumnus.

  • Devon / Building Works Unit photo credits: By Building Works Unit / Riga Technical University International Summer School, Cesis, Latvia
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